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The world we live in today has made a lot of changes in just the last 50 years.  There was no such thing as the internet, cell phones, plasma televisions and laptop computers.  Water didn’t come in plastic bottles and groceries went home in brown paper bags.  Children came home from school and changed into “play clothes” and then polished their school shoes for the next day (at least my siblings and I did).  Homework was completed before supper and the year long “project” was researched through volumes of encyclopedias, if your family was lucky enough to have a set.  If not, it was off to the library when time permitted.  Chores were finished, and if you were lucky, you might get a little T.V. time on one of 3 channels before bath time and bed.


Bike in the SunsetWeekends were a time for the parents to get to “sleep in” while the kids got to eat cereal for breakfast and had the run of the morning cartoons until the parents took over.  Then it was “outside” to play.  We rode our bikes and climbed trees, made forts or castles and had epic battles defending them.  Sometimes yard work got in the way or looking after the animals, but not for long.

Trips to the doctor or the hospital were saved for something really serious!  Like the time my brother fell out of a tree and broke his collar bone, or when my sister almost crippled herself by cutting through her Achilles’ tendon and had to have it stitched back together.  I decided an acute case of appendicitis would be a great way to get out of my chores for the Summer.  All of these being legitimate excuses for medical help, the rest of the time we “made do”.  Coughs and colds were treated at home as well as the constant cuts, scrapes and bruises we all acquired.  My mother used to tell us “that we were too poor to have allergies” so we never did, or at least not that we knew of.  Home treatments were honey and apple cider vinegar during cold and flu season.  Mercurochrome and a band aid if the cut was bad and disinfectant with some stinky homemade salve for bug bites.Two Swings



Now after spending the majority of my adult life working in and around the medical field, I have learned a lot.  The main thing that I’ve learned is that “today’s medicine” is over used, over prescribed and (here in the USA) overpriced!

The purpose of this site is to offer some alternative and practical ideas to get back to simpler times.  Maybe with a little less waste and packaging.  Maybe fewer trips to the emergency room or doctor’s office.  Maybe with a lot more thought about nature and how we might help her out.  Just suggestions and opinions, all my own.  If anyone reading this would like to suggest a comment or topic for consideration I will happily do the research.  I am always eager to listen to other ideas.  Enjoy your day and thank you.  – Dolly

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